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Success of the conference on forestry data and socio-economic activity at the INIA

The National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) was home to the event titled "The value of forestry information and socio-economic activation".

The aim was to bring together key players in the forestry sector and rural development, and tom promote closer relations and dialogue with providers of data and applications, so they could undertake joint strategies combining and integrating different areas of knowledge.

Isabel Cañellas, Deputy Director General of Research and Technology of INIA, welcomed all participants at about 10 a.m. and the presentations began soon after.

To break the ice, expert from the European Commission, José Miguel Rubio Iglesias, talked about open and linked data and the GEOSS project. He was followed by Ricardo Alia and Felipe Bravo who discussed the transfer of knowledge and scientific data, very appropriate with open linked data. Carlos Iglesias continued to talk about them in the SmartOpenData project.

After coffee, the event was resumed with a one-hour roundtable on forest and environmental management in both the public and private sectors and applications for it. The panelists at the table were Guillermo Fernández Centeno from MAGRAMA, Rodrigo Gómez from CESEFOR and Iñigo Lizarralde from Föra, moderated by Antonio Puelles from TRAGSA.


The format was repeated with a second roundtable on public and private data on forest and environmental management. Moderated by Roberto Vallejo from MAGRAMA, the participants were Ramón Baiget from TRAGSATEC, Antonio Padró and Gonzalo López from Goverment of La Rioja, Patricia Gomez from COSE and Michel Olmedo, lawyer of Uristech Abogados 2.0.

Following the lunch break, the evening session began with the presentation of different demos and working groups such as MODERFOREST, Gesmo, SIMANFOR and SmartOpenData. The presentations were given respectively by Gregorio Montero from INIA, Ulises Diéguez from USC, Felipe Bravo from UVA and Daniel Yagüe from TRAGSATEC.

Finally at 17:30, the person to close the meeting was the Head of National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), Manuel Lainez Andrés.


Presentations and speakers

- Isabel Cañellas Rey de Viñas Deputy Director General of Research and Technology INIA. Dr. Forest Engineering.
Linked Open Data and GEOSS
PDF José Miguel Rubio Iglesias Policy Officer - Seconded National Expert en European Commission.
Scientific Data and Knowledge Transfer
PDF Ricardo Alía Miranda Director of the Forest Research Centre - INIA. Dr. Forest Engineering.
Felipe Bravo Oviedo Director of the Institute of Sustainable Forest Management. Dr. Forest Engineering.
SmartOpenData & Linked Open Data
PDF Carlos Ángel Iglesias Professor of E.T.S.I. of Telecommunication in the Department of Telematic Systems Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Dr. Telecommunications Engineering.
Roundtable: Forestry and Environmental Management GMF
Moderator Antonio Gabriel Puelles Casenave Deputy Director of Innovation and R&D of Tragsa. Forest Engineer.
Public GFM
PDF Guillermo José Fernández Centeno Head of the Department Planning and Forestry Policy of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
Private GFM
PDF Rodrigo Gómez Cornejo Head of Area Technology Information of CESEFOR Foundation. Degree in Geography.
Applications for GFM
PDF Iñigo Lizarralde Cofounder of föra forest technologies. Dr. Forest Engineering.
Roundtable: Public and private data for forest and environmental management.
Moderator Roberto Vallejo Bombín Head of Department of Forest Inventory and Statistics of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
Environment. Forest Engineer.
Technical support to Databank of Nature
PDF Ramón Baiget Llompart Head of Department of Cartography in Tragsatec. Agricultural engineer.
Regional data and publishing strategies
PDF Antonio Padró Simarro Head of Planning Service of Government of La Rioja. Dr. Forest Engineering.
Gonzalo López García Section Chief of Geographic Information Systems and Mapping of Government of La Rioja.
Private data and collaboration strategies
PDF Patricia Gomez Agrela Manager of the Confederation of Organizations of Forest Owners of Spain.
Valuation models
PDF Michel Olmedo Cuevas Lawyer of Uristech Abogados 2.0. Degree in Law.
Demos and working groups: Forestry and environmental management, project and applications
PDF Gregorio Montero González

Researcher of Forestry Group of Forestry Research Center of National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology. Dr. Forest Engineering.

PDF Ulises Diéguez Aranda

Professor at the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Santiago de Compostela in the Department of Agroforestry Engineering. Dr. Forest Engineering.

PDF Felipe Bravo Oviedo Director of the Institute of Sustainable Forest Management. Dr. Forest Engineering.
PDF Daniel Yagüe Millán Chief of Actions and Projects of the SIG and Consulting Management of Tragsatec. Degree in Geography.
- Manuel Lainez Andrés

Head of National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology. Dr. Agricultural Engineering.