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DanubeHack results

Monday, November 2, 2015

Smart Land (We learn to farm) has obtained 1st place at DanubeHack

Boglárka Ivanegová, Boris Kružliak, Michal Dolník, Ladislav Morávek, Michala Hrnčiarová and others have created an app oriented towards identifying unused urban and rural properties and creative bottom up initiatives in their surroundings. Linking owners of these properties with potential new users. Motivating through the best practices of the creative bottom-up initiatives. Connecting all these layers to trigger better livelihoods in both cities and rural regions :)

The used data resources have been:

  1. Danube reference data and service infrastructure —> Urban Atlas Bratislava —> land use, focusing primarily land without current use;
  2. Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute —-> Soil map;
  3. SK Open Data portal provided by National Agency for Network and Electronic Services
 —-> focusing on adress points;
  4. Geodetic and Cartographic Institute Mapka application and from the Cadastral portal;
  5. We were creating datasets on the spot extending Mgr. Milota Sidorová’s dataset of “Active City networks,” which is a list of committed, activist formal and informal non-governmental organizations, initiatives, platforms which have been active as of March 2015. This extension was made by using Boglarka's knowledge + the consulting placemaking and participatory planning expertise of Mgr. Art. Dominika Belanská.  

Used technologies: Apache HTTP Server Project, JavaScript (jQuery, Bootstrap, Handlebars, Mapbox, Leaflet), HTML, SQL, CSS (Bootstrap), Azure; Software: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, qGIS, GRASS-GIS, Chrome

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