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SmartOpenData external survey

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Smart open data represents the keywords significantly influencing the movement of digital society in Europe nowadays. Combination of these terms provides the title for the ongoing SmartOpenData project aiming to create a Linked Open Data infrastructure (including the models, data, software and pilots) fed by public and freely available data resources, existing sources for biodiversity and environment protection and research in rural and European protected areas and its National Parks.

Initial outcomes of this almost two years effort are now ready for the public consultation with aim to present the work done so far (including certain deliverables not yet published on the project website) and receive the feedback from the external user stakeholders.

With that we would like to invite all potential users, or anyone interested in topic to take part on the currently published SmartOpenData External survey.

Participants will be able to access the survey until 10th October 2015 and together with the questions can also access the links to the most important and up to date SmartOpenData components.

Outcomes of the survey will be used for adjustment and improvement of these components and anonymized results will be published via relevant deliverable on the project website.

Thank you for your effort to make the Open Data Smarter !

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