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T-SYSTEMS Big Data Challenge

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

T-Systems International GmbH will award the prize for its Big Data Challenge to the best Copernicus application or service idea established during a four-week sandbox exercise (end of June to end of July). This exercise session will be held on a big data analytics platform designed to derive on-demand intelligence from Earth observation data. After submitting their promising service ideas by 31 May, a number of finalists will be selected and invited to a training and interaction session at the start of the exercise. The platform will provide satellite data, analytics tools, standard interfaces, and workflow management to assist the participants in creating new services. T-Systems will be particularly interested in solutions that offer benefits to European citizens and their public administrations, which face challenges in meeting increased demand for mobility, urban logistics, tourism, and more while simultaneously reducing negative environmental impacts. The most professional implementations that use satellites in combination with other data sources on the big data platform will be considered for the prize.

SmartOpenData project has been selected to participate on this Call.

Submission for the T-Systems Big Data Challenge was possible from 15 April to 31 May, finalists will be informed soon.

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