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D2.2 - User Requirements and use cases

The SmartOpenData project will create a Linked Open Spatial Data infrastructure (including software tools and data) fed by public and freely available data resources, existing sources for biodiversity and environmental protection, and research in rural and European protected areas and its National Parks. Demonstration of impact will be carried out through the implementation of 5 pilots, driven by strategic partners in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Through these pilots the consortium will be able to cover several co-created public services as pilots for environment protection and research, such as Biodiversity protection in different European areas, eGovernment: common policy framework for the management of protected environmental areas by public administrations, environmental research in biodiversity and protected/invasive species, sustainable exploitation of natural resources and land use (wood, biodiesel), Climate change, emergency management and environmental alerts, Training/Learning apps. for researchers, tourism, etc., voluntary engagement in content creation, enrichment, sharing, etc., services for farmers and forest owners in sensitive areas and services for citizens.

This document shows a compilation of user scenarios and requirements associated with these pilots. The requirements and uses cases collected in this document are the basis for all future development tasks. Therefore, this deliverable is a project cornerstone and the exposition will be as clear, simple and deep as possible.

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