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D2.3 - Architecture of SmartOpenData Infraestructure

This deliverable D2.3 is part of WP2, task T2.3. It is based on previous work of tasks T2.1 and T2.2, deliverables D2.1 and D2.3 and their content was defined on Prague meeting of Pilot partners organized on 22nd and 23rd of May. D2.3 defines a reference infrastructure model and high-level technical specification for the project, including its main components and connection points to other tools and systems. There is implemented methodology reference model for open distributed processes (RM – ODP) The reference architecture aims at meeting the technical and user requirements established throughout T2.1 and T2.2, addressing interoperability and multilingualism aspects, metrics engine and interfaces. The reference architecture will define both, platform neutral components and also provides suggestion for concrete implementation. In addition to that document indicates linkages between architecture (WP2), data model (WP3), SmartOpenData Semantic Front-end Facilities (WP4) and demonstration pilots (WP5). This will ensure overall consistency in the development of the main technical project components.

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