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D3.5 - Harmonisation of data to SmartOpenData Model.Final iteration

This document is dedicated to harmonising pilots data to the Final SmOD model delivered in D3.4 - The final SmartOpenData model. The model is based on several INSPIRE topics and provides a basis for geospatial and environmental data interoperability. Being such, the model does not cover domain‐specific concepts of the pilots. Hence, initial activities of the data harmonisation task included evaluation of the SmOD model in the context of the pilots. Whenever the model was not sufficient to represent the domain of interest, a search for the existing commonly accepted or standard vocabularies was performed, and if no suitable vocabulary was found, custom terms were developed. These custom terms constituted one of the main outcomes of the current task, the custom SmOD vocabulary. The vocabulary is published at

Operational aspects of the data harmonisation task concern data transformations from input data structures to RDF. 3 different approaches were identified based on the pilots’ requirements:

  • CSV‐to‐RDF (Spanish‐Portuguese, Italian and Irish pilots)
  • XML‐to‐RDF (Slovak)
  • RDBMS‐to‐RDF (Czech pilot)

This document explains the approaches, discusses tools and technologies being used to realize them and summarizes the results of the data harmonisation task per pilot.

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