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D4.2 - Visualization framework - Part Two

This deliverable describes the design, architecture and use of a semantic visualization tool for representing linked geospatial data for the SmartOpenData (SmOD) project. A semantic visualization linked data tool named SEFARAD has been proposed. This tool provides mechanisms for enabling non skilled GIS users to explore and visualize different kinds of linked data resources with a high level description of classes, properties and relations. SEFARAD enables GIS users to apply faceted browsing features to go beyond the data exploration process to apply specialized linked data visualization features. Furthermore, SEFARAD provides a utility for creating and processing human-readable SPARQL queries as a part of the exploration and visualization process. Functionalities provided by the SEFARAD has been evaluated by using geospatial data from Slovak Environment Agency (SAZP). In this evaluation, about 42770 RDF descriptions that contain information about protected parcels in Slovakia, have been processed, analysed and represented.

Due to the size of the original file, this document is presented in two parts.

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