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D5.2 - First iteration of pilots

The first iteration of pilots demonstrates the level of preparedness of the pilots to use the SmOD architecture and the SmartOpenData models towards the publishing of the data and metadata as the Linked Open Data. The aim of this document is to show the current status of the pilots of the SmartOpenData project. The status represents the technological stage of implementation of new approaches obtained and developed during the project. For most of the partners are technologies used in SmartOpenData (SmOD) rather new, therefore it is obvious, that they could not come with tools, publish dataset, visualise geo datasets etc. in a production environment. It is even very complicated to plan all components of an architecture which is able to publish Linked Open Data (LOD) correctly. This report will be followed by the Final iteration of pilots (D5.3).

Both documents will then mainly describe prototypes of the pilots which will be suitable for testing by the SmartOpenData consortium and end users. The goal of both documents is to cover whole process of creation working prototypes which could be tested in real life environment. These working prototypes developed within this task are available for testing within other WPs, such as WP2 or WP4. The process could not be strictly delimited at some stages of the project, because partners became acquainted with new tools and a LOD approaches in the course of the project schedule. There exists many possible ways to transform, publish or visualize data using the Linked Open Data. In a phase of practical deployment of new technologies there are different use cases hand in hand with different level of IT infrastructure of each partners, it could be tricky to find common approach. However these documents will be trying to show how each partner meets user requirements when implementing the SmartOpenData architecture (D2.3) and connects among each other through the SmartOpenData common model (D3.4).

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