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D5.3 - Final iteration of Pilots - Part One

The SmartOpenData project is creating a Linked Open Spatial Data infrastructure (including software tools and data) fed by public and freely available data resources, existing sources for biodiversity and environmental protection, and research in rural and European protected areas and its National Parks. This final round of pilot iterations completes a set of documents describing a process of technological development of the pilot prototypes, and with help of information about user's requirements and user's feedback led to useful publication of data using LOD technologies. The document is structured into three main chapters:

  1. Chapter 2: Pilot requirements identified after first iteration and collected during the internal and external consultation with the stakeholders,
  2. Chapter 3: Updated pilot architecture and
  3. Chapter 4: Pilots final version. In order to improve simplicity and readability, document is subdivided by countries which are involved in the project.

Due to the size of the original file, this document is published in two parts.

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