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D6.1 - Evaluation Plan

This document describes the evaluation plan and assessing of the Demonstration Pilots developed in WP5.

Since the pilots are essentially software services based on high quality open data, the evaluation plan must provide an evaluation metric for both data and software quality. The plan follows an iterative verification & validation process, based on ISO/IEC SQuaRE Software Quality Evaluation standards.

The verification phase is done through an internal evaluation process of the artefacts developed in the project, both software and data resources. Software is evaluated through adoption of automated source code checking and automated unit testing tools. Data resources are evaluated through several metrics, such as evaluation of its quality in reference to other sources of similar data (think of 'official' issued data, when applicable), coverage of a domain and other quality indicators provided by the authors or the gatherers.

The validation phase will be carried out through an external evaluation process taking into account the potential users of the Pilots. The main activities of this phase are surveys to these kinds of potential users. The evaluation plan finishes with an initial scheduling of the identified evaluation activities.

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