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D6.3 - User groups maintenance

The deliverable provides an overview of the maintenance process of the user groups foreseen to represent the stakeholders acting as essential indicators for evaluation activities that best represents the further progress of the project, including public bodies, researchers, companies, non‐government bodies and citizens. This process represents the main result of the Task 6.3 User groups maintenance undertaken within Work Package (WP) 6 "Evaluation, assessment and user groups".
The main ambition of related activities was to identify and address appropriate stakeholders, communicate the relevant project outcomes to them and with their help receive appropriate feedback to improve their quality and usability. At the same time this interaction was also meant to be used for awareness raising to disseminate the results of the project and to collect the outcomes of related discussions and bring them back to the project consortium. The last, but not least, objective of the task was to create sufficient background for the evaluation of the main project outcomes, undertaken by the related tasks and summarized in the appropriate deliverables (D6.4 for pilots and D6.5 for infrastructure).

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