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D6.5 - Evaluation and assessment of SmartOpenData Infrastructure

This document describes the results of the activities focused on the evaluation of SmartOpenData applications, tools and infrastructure from the user groups perspective
carried out in WP6 (Evaluation, Assessment and User groups) of the SmartOpenData project.
The main goal of such evaluation activity is to assess the quality of the technical architecture and verify whether it meets their specified objectives. Another important objective of this activity was to collect feedback on the developed tools via interaction with the internal and external user groups represented by the relevant stakeholders.
In WP6, two evaluation phases were carried out in the project and are analyzed in this document: an internal evaluation, involving internal user groups representing participants from the main project partners, and an external evaluation, involving external user groups participants of pilot users.
For both evaluations, the document first summarizes the approach used in carrying out the evaluation and its goals. Then, it presents the results of the data collection activity and analyzes its outcomes and possibilities by providing comments for the progress in the technical architecture. This version of the deliverable documents the final results and assessment of the internal and external evaluation of the SmartOpenData Infrastructure.

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