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D7.2 - Governance model and Liaisons

This report is one of the two text outputs of the 7.1 task which aims at creating a stable best practice network in order to connect public bodies, researchers and companies to access and use the solutions identified in simple manner, accelerating the publication of open data and its sustainable and profitable use. Both reports will jointly lead to design a suitable Governance model which will cover the governance rules for the partners in the SmartOpenData infrastructure. The deliverable will also lead the collaboration with other projects and institutions and connections with relevant national and European standardisation bodies. It includes the following activities: (a) Exploitation of synergies / technical concertation. (b) Joint activities for exchange, dissemination and training. (c) Coordination of standardisation efforts. (d) Contribution to repositories of reference implementations. (e) The specific plan for collaboration, including the specific working group for this project will be detailed in these deliverables.

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